How to fix OLED screen/display grid bending issue. 

I had purchased the Gigabyte AORUS FO48U Monitor which had the LG CX or LG C1 OLED panel. 
When I first started the display, it had these weird grid lines all over it (See attached images)

I was going to return RMA the unit but I found a fix.
This fix should also work with LG OLED's TV

- Run or wait for a pixel refresh on your FO48U, 

- I couldn't find a manual open in fo48u to run the pixel refresh but you should use the monitor for a few hours, run movies and games in hdr, and turn off the monitor using the remote power button. it should do the magic. 

- In LG OLEDs, they have a manual feature to do the same. 
- Here is a video I found on youtube for LG OLED 
- How To Easily Fix Your New OLED Banding, Grid, Or Dirty Screen Issues

If you have any other questions regarding Gigabyte AORUS FO48U, you can contact me. 
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