Solar Sync 
Logo design and brand style guide 2018
The work presented in this document is a fictional creation done by me as a personal project, its resemblance to any existing works maybe coincidental. 
Solar Sync is a brand identity created by me as a personal project. My idea was to create a visual identity for an organisation and develop a company/brand logo Guidelines. I choose sustainable energy company for this project. I did my research for the visual, graphics and words related to the company. I also performed brainstorming activities to develop the initial idea. Once I had a variety of ideas, I finalized the once that made the best sense to me. From these ideas, I generated a mood board and added different color themes, shapes, text and photos. I was now able to figure out what I wanted to show. I went with a word-type logo which was simple and represented the company very well. I used the symbols of + and - in the logo "Solar Sync" to signify an electric battery. 
The aim of the company is to distribute electricity to the public from the solar plants all around Australia. The company is based in different regions of Australia. The final application included business cards, uniforms, environmental design and some other web and print application. 
I have used randomised text to fill some areas.
Thank You
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