Welcome to Redfern
Postcard from "Redfern" is a series of design and Illustration I did as a personal project, the main idea was to depict the historic value and cultural influence of "Redfern" suburb which is located in Sydney, Australia. I have been exploring the art and structures of this suburb and following are the postcards I was able to create.
My series of postcards are illustrated with keeping in mind about the Historic and
Artistic values of Redfern, so my main audience will be people living in Redfern who
want to keep these postcards as a memory or send mail them to others. These
postcards will depict the art and architecture of Redfern in a Retro style.
The first concept "Welcome to Redfern" is based on the Aboriginal community flag which depicts 3 main colours, "Red" "Yellow" and "Black". The postcards depict a defused colour scheme which you will encounter thought the series of postcards. My concept sketches were aiming to depict the old retro style of hand-painted fonts. My intention was to explore the vintage look using the retro styles and textures.
The second postcard "Redfern Post Office" is a historic structure built in the early 1890s. Since it has an historic value to it and the Redfern community. I illustrated it in the postcard giving it a vintage look. The slogan "Welcome to Redfern" will be common in all the postcards. I used the combination of gradient colour scheme and the main colour scheme of red, yellow, and black. Redfern Post Office which is associated with the early development of Redfern Municipality as it is linked with the original postal services established in the area in 1856, I have used 3 point perspective and a bit of exaggeration to showcase its style.
The third postcard "Bower" is an installation near Redfern station. "Bower" which is located on the corner of Redfern and Regent Streets, It is inspired by the Bowerbird which borrows blue objects such as pegs and bottle tops to attract females during his courtship dance. The work represents a contemporary Bower and consists of a concertina of screens with the pattern of feathers, surrounded by blue shapes set into the paving. These shapes represent treasures from the experiences and stories of the Redfern community. Even in this postcard, I used the combination of gradient colour scheme and the main colour scheme of red, yellow, and black.
Thanks for visiting.
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